Customizing Your Dream Home: The Olde Bulltown Way

February 15, 2024

Nestled in the heart of Chester County, PA, Olde Bulltown Village stands as a beacon of personalized home building, where every detail is crafted to reflect the homeowner’s unique vision. This bespoke community offers an unparalleled opportunity for those who dream of a custom home tailored to their lifestyle and preferences. At Olde Bulltown, the journey to your dream home is as distinctive as you are.

The Building Process at Olde Bulltown

Land Selection

Custom homes require navigating the time-consuming and costly process of land development, involving civil engineering, stormwater design and construction, utility improvements, NPDES permits, paying township engineers, and more. At Olde Bulltown, that land development work has been completed for you. You can choose the perfect lot for your lifestyle without the hassle of land development, allowing us to start creating your custom home immediately.

Pre-Designed Homes

At Olde Bulltown, the journey to your dream home can begin with one of our unique pre-designed homes. These homes serve as blueprints and canvases awaiting your personal touch. Offering a starting point for customization, they allow you the liberty to infuse your style into every aspect, ensuring your home reflects your personal taste and lifestyle.

Full Design Process

Your journey at Olde Bulltown transitions smoothly into a full design process. Here, you’ll meet with our team to articulate what you like and want in your home. Our experienced Stoltzfus designers will create your floor plan and design from scratch, covering every detail, including outdoor elements like decks, pools, and outhouses. We offer multiple drawing iterations until perfection is achieved. For those who need help figuring out where to start, we have tried and true home layouts that can serve as a jumping-off point. This stage includes collaborating with a kitchen designer to ensure your kitchen space is tailored precisely to your needs and desires.

Front entryway with staircase leading up in an olde bulltown home

Tailoring to Your Lifestyle

Our initial building meeting, led by Stoltzfus Enterprises, Ltd., is where we integrate your living patterns and desires into the fabric of your future home. This influences everything from layout to site selection, ensuring your home is a true extension of you.

Site Selection for Optimal Living

The choice of your home’s location within Olde Bulltown is pivotal. Your home will be a place to live and a space that enhances your lifestyle, whether it be a serene, wooded setting or a strategic position near the French Creek Golf Club.

Bringing Ideas to Life

With your ideas and our expertise, the design team at Olde Bulltown transforms your vision into conceptual drawings. Our architectural guidelines ensure quality and harmony within the village, aligning your vision with Olde Bulltown’s aesthetic ethos.

Architectural Excellence and Material Choices

The architectural guidelines at Olde Bulltown underscore our commitment to excellence. High-quality materials ensure your home’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, blending seamlessly with the village’s design ethos.


The selections process at Olde Bulltown is entirely custom, allowing you to be your own interior designer or to collaborate with one. You’ll pick every detail, from interior finishes to exterior elements, that comply with the community’s aesthetics, ensuring your home reflects your personal touch.

Kitchen with white cabinets and center island in an olde bulltown home

The Construction Phase

Once the design is finalized, you’ll be assigned a project manager who will be your point of contact throughout the build. This standard construction process is enriched by your involvement, with encouraged site visits at key construction phases to ensure everything aligns with your vision.


The move-in process mirrors that of other builders with a unique Olde Bulltown touch. You’ll receive a Selection Binder, a comprehensive source for manuals, selections, paint colors, and tiles for future reference, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home.

Enjoy Your Home

Living in Olde Bulltown is all about enjoying the Stoltzfus experience and quality. Your designated project manager remains available for any post-move-in queries, underscoring our commitment to your satisfaction.

Mudroom with blue walls in an olde bulltown home

From the initial concept to the final nail, the process at Olde Bulltown is about creating a home that’s not just made for you but made by you. Your dream home awaits in the lush landscape of Chester County, a canvas ready for your personal touch.

We invite you to envision your future in Olde Bulltown Village. To begin your journey towards a home that’s uniquely yours, schedule a tour and discover the possibilities that await at Olde Bulltown Village. Contact us today and take the first step toward realizing your dream home.