Demystifying Home Construction: Must-Know Terms and Phrases

August 29, 2023

At Olde Bulltown Village, we believe that understanding the language of home construction is a crucial part of the home-buying process. Whether you are planning a fully customizable dream home or just fascinated by the construction lingo, this blog will demystify the jargon, explain what each term means and even illustrate how these terms come into play in actual construction scenarios.

Builder Warranty

A commitment from the builder, this warranty guarantees the quality of the home’s construction. It offers homeowners protection against potential defects in workmanship or materials for a specified period.

Certificate of Occupancy

A vital document issued by local authorities it confirms that a home meets all building codes and is safe for occupancy. It’s often the final step before a homeowner can move into a new residence.

Custom Build

A construction process tailored to individual preferences. Homeowners collaborate closely with a designer and builder to create a unique residence that reflects their personal style and functional needs.


Situated at the edge of roofs, eaves are dual-functional. Extending beyond exterior walls, they bestow both architectural allure and protection against inclement weather. Historically accurate roof eaves are custom-built on each home at Bulltown, frequently using beaded faceboards and crown moulding.


A preventative shield, flashing uses thin sheets of material at construction joints. Its primary duty is water deterrence, ensuring homes stay leak-free. Copper flashing, while more expensive than standard materials, is used at Bulltown for its aesthetic value and its superior functionality.

Foundation Walls

Foundation walls are often made of formed concrete poured in place, waterproofed on the exterior, and insulated on the interior. This system, while sufficient, adds significant time to a construction schedule and present issues if not installed correctly. Superior Wall precast foundation walls anchor the homes at Olde Bulltown. Set in one or two days, pre-insulated, and waterproof, these walls provide exceptional comfort in the lower level of any home.

Homeowners Association (HOA)

An organization within a community that sets architectural guidelines for properties and residents. Joining an HOA often requires a fee, which contributes to community maintenance and amenities.


Not just a filler, insulation is pivotal in regulating a home’s climate. By creating a thermal barrier, it conserves warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Bulltown residents stay comfortable regardless of the weather with top-tier insulation packages.


Key horizontal supports, joists bolster floors and ceilings. Spanning between walls, they guarantee structural stability throughout living areas.


Installed above joists and under the finished flooring, subfloors offer a sturdy platform. They pave the way for the final floor overlay, ensuring a consistent and smooth base. Not all subfloor material is the same, and Bulltown framing packages include the best subfloor option for performance and stability.


A final inspection process prior to closing on a new home. It allows buyers to verify that all agreed-upon repairs or changes have been completed and to ensure that the property’s condition matches what was expected.

Customization in Olde Bulltown Village

Understanding these construction terms is a start towards demystifying the construction process and allowing you to appreciate the customization that goes into each Olde Bulltown home. Every detail is tailored to your preferences, providing endless possibilities for a home that truly reflects you.

Kitchen with blue cabinets in an olde bulltown home

Time to Take the Next Step

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