Discovering Chester County: Attractions Near Olde Bulltown

December 11, 2023

Nestled in the scenic Northern part of Chester County, Olde Bulltown Village is a captivating community of single-family estate homes. Each home, beautifully integrated into the French Creek Golf Club landscape, offers the unique opportunity of being fully custom-designed, ensuring every homeowner’s vision becomes a reality. This idyllic setting promises more than just custom living; it’s a gateway to the diverse attractions of Chester County, offering a blend of history, nature, culture and culinary delights. Let’s explore what makes this area so unique.

Front elevation of a brick home with green siding from olde bulltown

Historical Sites

Chester County’s rich history is vividly showcased in its numerous historical sites. The Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site, a testament to the industrial prowess of early America, and the Chester County History Center, a hub of cultural enrichment, offer residents a fascinating journey through time. Adding to this historical tapestry, the county is dotted with an array of old farmhouses, each telling its own story of the past. These well-preserved structures, some dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, offer a picturesque glimpse into the region’s rural life and architectural heritage. Exploring these farmhouses and their surrounding landscapes provides a unique connection to the history and traditions that have shaped Chester County, making living in Olde Bulltown a genuinely enriching experience.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

The beauty of Chester County is best experienced outdoors. French Creek State Park, Binky Lee Preserve, St. Peter’s Village The Rocks Trail, and other locales offer serene landscapes and a variety of activities for nature enthusiasts. The Thomas P. Bentley Nature Preserve boasts a rich mosaic of woods and fields across 108 acres, inviting exploration through its diverse trails. Similarly, with its 535 acres of hardwood forests, meadows, and wetlands, Warwick Park provides a scenic backdrop for outdoor activities and a glimpse into the region’s historical roots in ironmaking. These natural reserves are perfect for those seeking tranquility and adventure, be it through hiking, birdwatching, or a leisurely picnic.

Cultural and Artistic Attractions

Chester County is a true gem for those passionate about art and culture. The Classic Auto Mall’s stunning display of vintage vehicles and the dynamic People’s Light Theater performances showcase the county’s vibrant cultural tapestry. Not far away, the Reading Public Museum in Berks County enriches the region’s cultural scene with its rich collections. Adding to this richness is Historic Yellow Springs, a charming locale known for its art shows and cultural events, nestled in a picturesque setting that has inspired artists for centuries.

Culinary Delights

Chester County’s culinary scene, all within about a 15-minute drive from Olde Bulltown Village, dazzles with its diversity and quality, offering an array of delightful dining options. Ludwig’s Grill & Oyster Bar, the 2023 winner for Best Seafood Restaurant, is renowned in Glenmoore, PA, for its fresh oysters and exquisite seafood offerings. Morgantown Coffee House, a beloved spot since 2014, features a rotating coffee list and a seasonal menu enriched with locally sourced ingredients.

The French Creek Golf Club offers an exceptional dining experience at its Grill Room, with seasonal menus and a weekly Chef’s Board celebrating a farm-to-table philosophy. This is complemented by an assortment of local and award-winning cheeses paired with an expanding selection of wines and craft beers.

Seven Stars Inn, the original Chester County steakhouse, is famous for its generous portions of the finest beef, veal, and seafood, served in a gracious white tablecloth setting. Oori, a Korean-inspired BYOB restaurant, adds a fun and seasonal flair to the local dining scene. The Stables, a premier beer garden in the county, boasts family-friendly and over 21 areas, with ample indoor and outdoor seating for a relaxed gathering.

These establishments, along with September Farm, Bloom Southern Kitchen, and others, ensure that every culinary preference is catered to, making the area around Olde Bulltown Village a haven for food lovers.

Family-Friendly Activities

Family fun is right around the corner in Chester County. The interactive and educational experiences at Crows Nest Preserve, the nostalgic fun at Village Arcade and the agricultural adventures at Conebella Farm ensure that families have a variety of options for entertainment and learning.

Experience Chester County at Olde Bulltown Village

Olde Bulltown Village is not just about custom homes; it’s about embracing a lifestyle enriched by the myriad of attractions in Chester County. From historical sites to natural wonders and cultural hubs to culinary delights and family-friendly activities, the area promises a fulfilling life for its residents.

We invite you to discover the lifestyle that Olde Bulltown Village offers. Contact us for more details or to schedule a tour and experience the unique blend of history, nature and culture that awaits you in Chester County.